November 2014

November 2014:

Saturday, November 1: The first weekend of November expires pleasant. A weekend of choice to go out and load up with new and positive energy. Yourself with spiritual activities such as painting, swimming, hiking and yoga on Mars sextile Neptune makes the atmosphere empathetic which conflicts are resolved harmoniously. The harmonious combination of the Moon with Mercury which indicates pleasant family relations. The Moon is in opposition with Jupiter, however. People may exaggerate for attention what may result in disappointment, conflict and frustration.

Sunday, November 2: A business or private decision will be taken by without any hesitation because of the sextile between Mercury and Jupiter. Also a good day for study, philosophy and mind expansion. Use it to your advantage. Venus sextile Pluto provides some good financial position for exciting moments and the fulfillment of secret wishes today! The Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune softens our mood, but it can cause confusion. Do not be fooled.

Monday, November 3: A boring and predictable Monday. The Moon in Pisces is trine Saturn in Scorpio. Also within the family there is a stable and serious atmosphere. Any disturbance within the family will be restored thanks to this energy.

Tuesday, November 4: The Moon has entered Aries. There is more energy available to do the urgent things that need to be done today. The collective power of the Sun sextile Pluto brings more confidence and perseverance to start something new.

Wednesday, November 5: A surprising and changeable day which could be both in a positive and negative sense. Today the Moon in Aries is conjunct Uranus. Unexpected things happen. Be clear and honest. The Moon is opposite the Node in Libra. In private as in professional life unconscious problems and bad habits are evinced to be solved. The opposition of the Moon and Mercury may cause angry words if there are tensions. Eventually, a cordial and tolerant atmosphere will lead to cooperation within the family thanks to the Trine of the Moon with Jupiter. Today the Taurid meteor shower takes place. By the light of the nearly Full Moon shooting stars may not be visible, but with a little luck you can catch one! The nearly Full Moon is getting ready to enter Taurus.

Thursday, November 6: It's Full Blood Moon in Taurus. The Moon is opposite the Sun in Scorpio and reflects its full light. The Sun, the male principle, stands opposite the Moon, the feminine principle. The opposition of these two polarities mirrors in the tensions within the relationship. Venus is with this Full Moon in the immediate vicinity of the Sun, while Mars approaches Pluto in Capricorn. Everything indicates that this Full Moon is about the fixed values and structures in our lives and the way we hold on to this. In a tense atmosphere the Full Moon asks us to let go of entrenched structures in social life and change your ways, but the resistance to actually letting go can be very strong. This also applies to our personal relationships. Often a change in our lives can be beneficial, because we are really aware of the value of everything around us. Unfortunately, willingness and ability are two different things.

Friday, November 7: Today you have to be careful now the Moon is square to Jupiter. Whether you arrive at the right time and in the right place or everything goes wrong what can go wrong. Murphy’s Law so to say. In your arrogance, you think everything is possible, but you have to grab your own luck. The Moon is opposite Venus and Saturn, no harmonious day, more of disappointment and frustration.

Saturday, November 8: The Moon has entered the sign of Gemini. A day in which good and bad moments alternate. Also, your mood is as changeable as this day. Of all the Moon is square to Neptune causing confusion, self deception and unrealistic ideas that bring you disappointment. It's hard to concentrate on important matters. Today you will not succeed to make any rules within the family because that only leads to oppositional behavior and conflict.

Sunday, November 9: Today, Mercury has entered the intense waters of Scorpio. It is a day to take it easy, sleeping late and go for a nice walk. Thoughts are not superficial, but go much deeper. This Mercury energy can also be manipulative, so be careful. Difficult issues and taboos are openly discussed. Venus square Jupiter opens exciting but also financial doors that were previously closed. However, do not handle this energy lightly.

Monday, November 10: The first day of the week starts a bit boring and predictable. The spiritual Trine between the Moon and Neptune makes empathetic and sensitive which can lead to more understanding. The Moon trine Mercury can cause mutual family relations to be restored by talking in a clear and straithforward way.

Tuesday, November 11: Today, Mars is close to Pluto in Capricorn. If this intense planetary energy is used positively, much can be achieved. With these emotional and physical energy you just want to go straight ahead! But this fierce energy can also be destructive and lead to aggression and abuse of power. In the next few days all or nothing conflicts or existing conflicts are once again in focus. Mars approaches the square with Uranus. By doing so, Mars activates the sixth and penultimate clash between Uranus and Pluto that will be exact on December 15, 2014. Once again, the challenging square between Mars and Uranus stirs the irrepressible desire for freedom and power in the world in our personal lives. Will this lead to crisis or positive breakthroughs? Again, the choice is ours. Moon in Cancer is opposite Pluto and Mars. Negative feelings can spontaneously discharge. Suppressed tensions lead to power struggles and problems in the family and social life. Self control is the key word today.

Wednesday, November 12: Today you have an excited feeling like something exciting is about to happen. Mercury trine Neptune brings empathic conversations padded out of sensitivity, imagination and compassion. A day of creativity, spiritual study, write and poetry. The Moon in Cancer is trine to Venus and Saturn. A peaceful and stable atmosphere in family relationships. In steady relationships things can be approached in a serious way.

Thursday, November 13: Today, Venus joins Saturn which brings a serious relational touch. In relationships, we look for the cause of problems both financial and personal. Perhaps you expect too much from your partner? Financial problems weigh heavily on relationships and self esteem. Mars square Uranus adds a touch of rebellion to this somewhat gloomy day. From a deep desire for freedom aggressive behavior and inconsideration emerge. Serious conflicts arise when acting is unrealistic and deliberate.

Friday, November 14: The Moon in the sign of Leo really does not like to work. The weekend is coming and why should you worry if it does not have to? The question is whether you will be granted that freedom. Do the most important and say no to challenging projects today. Avoid exaggeration and selfish behavior within the family. Arrogance and carelessness can cause problems. The Moon is conjunct Jupiter. A family revealed secret can cause problems today.

Saturday, November 15: The Moon enters logical earth sign Virgo. If you've ever postponed a major step toward a goal or decision in your life, today is the day to make that step. Look at the possibilities now offered. The end justifies the means. A good time to begin a study or doing the accounts.

Sunday, November 16: Neptune in Pisces awakens from his retrograde sleep. On June 9, 2014 Neptune began at 7° Pisces to its retrograde period. Late February to mid March 2015, Neptune will again activate 7º Pisces, so the energy on Earth may be tangled or enlightening. An emotional roller coaster today. Learn from all these moments. Beware of illusions and unrealistic declarations of love. Spiritual expectations can lead to confusion and disappointment. Keep your feet on the ground and do not try to change anything by force. Venus leaves the deep waters of Scorpio.

Monday, November 17: Today Venus entered the optimistic fire sign Sagittarius. In a relationship is more space for joyful relaxation and mutual freedom and development. The focus is more on travel, consciousness and philosophy. A stable and positive day in all areas. Take your chances and do not look back. If you want something, go ahead and put through now. Mercury sextile Pluto helps to keep you targeted to achieve what you want. Stay close to yourself and do not interfere with the problems of others. Also today we have the annual Leonid Meteor shower. With a little luck you grab a falling star and you can make a wish!

Tuesday, November 18: The Moon is in Libra and the Sun is right next to Saturn in Scorpio. A peaceful, harmonious and some predictable day. Nothing much happens. The atmosphere is indecisive so you can better work by yourself today. The day, however, becomes unexpected turn self inflicted. Blockages and fears are clear with this conjunction of the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio. Good day for the judiciary, diplomatic, trade and travel.

Wednesday, November 19: This really is such a day. If you need comfort, no one is there to comfort you, or if you're happy and no one wants to share this with you. The Moon in Libra is square Mars: Negative feelings lead to anger, tension and conflict. The conjunction of the Moon with the Node in Libra shows you how unconscious habits influence your behavior and what you can do to change this. The Moon in Libra is in opposition to Uranus in Aries: Restlessness and a rebellious, nervous atmosphere will awake the rebel in you. This has an impact on work, traffic and in the family. Be careful today, you're not the only one who is restless.

Thursday, November 20: Today breath of fresh air. Take advantage of this generated energy, but be aware. The wind can turn any time. The Moon is now in Scorpio and Mars is square on the Node. You become aware of your shortfall which leads to better and more harmonious future solutions. Venus square Neptune can lead to deception and illusions in love and money matters. Even though it seems luck is coming your way, stay realistic with your feet both on the ground. Everything could happen with this transit.

Friday, November 21: A positive day of possibilities and great opportunities. Keep your eyes and ears wide open today, because happiness is up for grabs. Let your intuition serve as a guideline. Mercury sextile Mars leads to constructive discussions to create. New creative and profitable projects are possible. Solid and effective plans are profitable. Conciliatory words lead to solutions.

Saturday, November 22: Today it is New Moon in Sagittarius. The Moon is exactly between the Earth and the Sun is not visible from Earth. The Sun is on the threshold of the sign Sagittarius, exactly at the transition from Scorpio into Sagittarius. The Sun and the Moon meet exactly at 0° Sagittarius. The New Moon is thus located at the midpoint between Venus in Sagittarius and Saturn in Scorpio. Also, the New Moon is conjunct Mercury and square to Neptune in Pisces. What does all this mean? It is ultimately for the development of the Self Consciousness. This process depends on the degree of transformation that takes place in the depths of Scorpio. The New Moon in Sagittarius asks us to take to make a quantum leap to existential growth. This growth the basis on which our Self awareness is built. The Sun now shines in Sagittarius. During the next month, the focus shifts to the meaning in life. Especially in the darkest time of the year is the quest for the Light so important for motivation and inspiration.

Sunday, November 23: The Moon is in Sagittarius and conjunct Venus. A pleasant, harmonious and balanced day to look ahead. A carefree day in which seemingly nothing seems to go wrong. A day to gather with family. However, Mercury squares Jupiter. Carelessness can lead to frivolity. Concentrate on the essential things, especially in all forms of communication.Don’t promise more than you can deliver. Beware of a pedantic attitude. Your strong opinions can lead to conflicts.

Monday, November 24: This day could be the start of something new when you listen to your inner voice. The planets are good and support you wholeheartedly in everything you undertake. Chiron is direct again on 13º in the sign of Pisces. The retrograde sleep Chiron began on June 21 at 16° in Pisces. On March 16, 2015 Chiron will be back again on 16º Pisces, the position of the beginning of the retrograde period. Only with awareness and recognition of old pain, actual healing can be possible during this period.

Tuesday, November 25: The Moon has entered the sign of Capricorn. In a serious and responsible atmosphere clarity and perseverance prevail. A dull and rippling day with an unexpected ending. Be careful with everything you do. The Moon is right next to Pluto and Uranus in Aries. Unconscious forces inflame power struggles both socially and privately. The Capricorn energy leads to increased capacity, but this power can also be destructive. Something is brewing in this seemingly tranquil atmosphere, call it unconscious rebellion. Sentiment can change. So be extra careful.

Wednesday 26 November: A smooth and balanced day. Mercury is right next to Saturn making this a good day for creative projects and everything that has to do with property, taxes and paying outstanding invoices. During your studies you may encounter problems. Don’t force anything today, tomorrow is another day.

Thursday, November 27: A surprising day with unexpected events and revelations. The Moon in Aquarius brings an unexpected meeting with someone from your past or you get news about someone from the past something. Venus trine Uranus makes for exciting moments in your relationship. Do not play with fire if you have a solid relationship. Talk openly with your partner about your desires. Sun square Neptune gives a mysterious touch to the day. Even though you want to go ahead with this Uranus energy, because of the contribution of Neptune nothing comes out of your hands. You have trouble to concentrate yourself and you do not know where you stand.

Friday, November 28: The Moon in Aquarius is opposite Jupiter in Leo. In an exaggerated atmosphere you nothing comes from the ground. Things may go wrong. Keep yourself to the schedule. Do not be too communicative and do not tell a secret just to impress. Mercury is preparing to leave the intense Scorpio. When Mercury is about to change signs, life on Earth is always something disordered.

Saturday, November 29: The weekend starts with both pleasant and less pleasant surprises. Do not worry and relax. Today, Mercury has entered fiery Sagittarius. Mercury loves Sagittarius! Mercury wants nothing more than the truth. Mercury in Sagittarius wants to negotiate. The Moon enters the dreamy waters of Pisces where she meets King Neptune. It makes the atmosphere somewhat sensitive and dreamy. Truly a day of storytelling, entertainment, art and culture. Do not make a fuss. Tomorrow is another day.

Sunday, November 30: The last day of November 2014 is a day to escape from the hectic pace of everyday life. A timeout, enjoying a well deserved rest. The Moon is sextile Pluto, which means that a crisis within the family can be resolved. The cause of the problems will be addressed. Renewed vitality is the result.