December 2014

December 2014, day by day

Monday, December 1
Even though the Moon in Aries invites us to direct and decisive action, today Mercury in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces. With this confusing energy the first day of December 2014 a day to be careful. There are difficulties in concentrating and errors can be made. Communication problems lead to wrong decisions. Not a good day for important conversations of the beginning of a new project. In particular, pay attention on the road. Try to concentrate at work and in business. The connection of Venus with the Moon Node may reveal secrets, shadow behavior and financial irregularities in partnerships and in relations.

Tuesday, December 2
Mars in Capricorn is sextile Saturn in Scorpio. Today the focus is sharper and more concentrated compared to yesterday. There will be disciplined acting in a meaningful way so that success is made possible. Existing problems can be solved for the future.

Wednesday, December 3
The Moon has entered Taurus today. In an earthy atmosphere everything slows down, but there is perseverance to do something that is time consuming. Good day for money matters, payments or investments, purchases and sales. However, it is difficult to make a change now and actually we don’t want to make a change anyway. Today and tomorrow are good days to lay a solid basis for long-term collaboration. Also good days for entertainment and artistic activities. Do not start a fight today, because when you do it turns out to be a long-time struggle. A good day to connect with Mother Nature by taking a walk or doing some gardening. Be creative with pottery, but also body work. The soft connection of the Moon with Neptune makes this day a peaceful harmonious one.

Thursday, December 4
Today Mars will leave the sign of Capricorn, standing on the threshold of Aquarius. The serene tranquility of the Moon in Taurus is disturbed by an entrepreneurial atmosphere. With this energy you want to proceed without any obstacles in your path. The Moon in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn provide a relaxed atmosphere in which solutions will be found. A productive, successful and efficient day, both in private as in business. The challenging energy of Jupiter tempts to exaggeration and presumptuousness. Careful, hubris leads to nothing.

Friday, December 5
An interesting day! Mars has entered Aquarius and the Sun in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries. Your social life is celebrated. Interesting contacts spread your horizons. A beautiful day for an exhibition, a concert or conference. Communication is smooth, fair and exciting! Mars in Aquarius exposes humanitarian goals and actions until mid January 2015 to a higher level.
Unforeseen changes or technical improvements make this day more interesting. All around us we hear the call for personal freedom and also in yourself lives that irresistible urge to follow your own impulses. Let your creative impulses flow, it is the road to self-realization!
Venus in Sagittarius trine Jupiter in Leo. There is something exciting in the air, a blistering energy. So you can be fascinated by something or someone, yearning to experience erotic adventures together! In a relationship is a harmonious, generous and tolerant mood. However, don't do anything what you don't really want to do. Venus trine Jupiter is a favorable financial position. However, be careful with money and don't waste it.

Saturday, December 6
Today is the Full Moon in the air sign Gemini. With Full Moon the Moon is directly opposite the Sun. The light from the Sun is reflects the Moon in her fullness. It is the last Full Moon for the magic feast of Yule. The last Full Moon of 2014. Winter is approaching. Nights are getting longer and the days are getting shorter.
It is the Moon of the Longest Night. The theme of this Full Moon is letting go. The old has to disappear to make way for the new. What do you want to let go with this Full Moon?
Mercury in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries. With this vibrant energy the mutual communication will be flowing. A liberating and future-oriented way of thinking that leads to creative and innovative solutions. It is a day of revelation, sudden insights, answers and predictive dreams.

Sunday, December 7
The Moon in Gemini is opposite Venus in Sagittarius. A day of multitasking and keeping busy with communication, such as reading, sending emails, writing, calls and contacts. Not really a harmonious day today for the family and mutual relations. High expectations lead to disappointment and frustration. Be thankful with what is. However, the connection of the Moon with Jupiter in Leo provides for a bright spot. When acknowledge mutual freedom, things turn out right.

Monday, December 8
A good day to be with the family and kids with the Moon in Cancer. The Sun in Sagittarius is conjunct Mercury. A day of clear communication, to make some calls, writing letters, answering emails and eliminating overdue administration. It is the day par excellence to present yourself or to discuss personal projects. Make sure that it's not just about yourself, because this day can have selfish traits. Individual cases may be approached objectively and logically.
Today Jupiter will go retrograde at 22º in Leo, which will last until April 7, 2015. During this retrograde period luck cannot be taken for granted. Our judgment declines and often unreasonable risks are taken because of greed. Too much of everything lead to dissatisfaction and impatience. We are not satisfied with what we have. We do not have patience to wait for the right time. The great benefactor Jupiter is a symbol of abundance and now Jupiter is retrograde, the opposite is the case. So beware.

Tuesday, December 9
Today is Mercury in Sagittarius sextile the Moon node in Libra.
A creative day for study and job, writing, reading and occupation, especially if there were problems within this area. A writers ' block, for example, can be resolved in a creative way. An auspicious day for good mutual balanced communication and collaboration.

Wednesday, December 10
Today the Sun in Sagittarius sextile the Moon node in Libra.
A successful and creative day. A personal project can be successfully completed. This day leads to creative development, especially in the fine arts such as painting, personal care or embellishment.
On the other hand, the Moon in Leo opposites Mars in Aquarius. The Moon in Leo wants attention and romance. Conflicts, tensions and negative feelings can occur today, when demands are not met. Beware of drama queens! Try to get rid of negative feelings in sports or work outdoors.

Thursday, December 11
Today Venus enters the sign of Capricorn. Over the next three weeks the exciting and sparkling energy of Venus changes in a more refined and reserved energy. In relationships is done it with freedom and nonbinding nature. Venus in Capricorn wants seriousness and fidelity and is calculated. Venus in Capricorn wants to be in charge in a relationship and that also means that vulnerability is not expressed. An untrue love-affair will not survive, but a fixed relationship will be stronger with this energy.
The Moon is friends with the Sun and Mercury which makes this an extremely friendly and harmonious day. Conflicts in a relationship and unconscious shadow behavior may be revealed and resolved. Clear communication! The Moon in Leo and Uranus in Aries support Venus in Capricorn. A creative day for the family and in everyday life! The connection of the Moon with the Moon Node strengthens the creative flow and collaboration.

Friday, December 12
Mercury in Sagittarius trine Jupiter retrograde in Leo. A day of integrity and truth that can lead to positive developments. No lies today. A good day for traveling, taking an exam or a notarial contract. Also a good day for Justice, social, philosophical and religious studies and learning processes. The dissemination of knowledge enhances your awareness and encourages discussion. It offers space for negotiations, both at home and in business.

Saturday, December 13
Today, the Moon is in the earthly Virgo. A good day for health, to start a diet or going to the gym. But also a good day for concentrated study, cleaning up your home and reorganizing all the cabinets. Today the culmination of the annual Geminids meteor shower takes place in the zodiac sign of Gemini. These meteors or shooting stars are rubble remains of the asteroid 3200 Pantheon, which was discovered in 1982. Every year from 7 to 17 December this meteor shower takes place.

Sunday, December 14
Today Venus in Capricorn is sextile to Neptune in Pisces.
A beautiful and loving energy to get carried away on magical erotic waves. Enjoy this heavenly day, because this magic will disappear again just as quickly as it came.

Monday, December 15
Today is the sixth exact square between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. The period from June 2012 to March 2015 is marked as a period of deep transformation. Life has drastically changed in these years. We come ever closer to the core of life, of our being and accordingly to this, it changes our lives as well. It is a day of intensity, radicalism, rebellion, violence, terror and overthrowing of old structures on all levels in the world. Let yourself be carried away in this violent cosmic flow. Let's convert the intense rebellious energy to creative solutions, actual liberation and technological progress.
The Moon is in Libra and the Sun in Sagittarius trine with Jupiter in Leo. This soothing energy leads to tolerance, cooperation, raising awareness and liberation of the ego. This intense and challenging day could also become a day full of confidence and creative possibilities!

Tuesday, December 16
Today, the Moon in Libra is opposite Uranus in Aries. In a nervous atmosphere restlessness and unconscious rebellion lead to conflicts especially in the family, but also in public life, at work and on the road. Be careful today. The Moon is also squaring Pluto in Capricorn and that also adds power struggle within the family or at work. Self control is the key today. The Moon with the Lunar node in Libra leads to understanding where these evil comments come from.

Wednesday, December 17
The Moon in Libra is a positive connection with Jupiter and the Sun in jolly Sagittarius. A harmonious and balanced day. In an optimistic and tolerant atmosphere is the spirit of sharing, cooperation and problem solving. With acceptance of each others space the inner well-being both in the family and in the workplace improves. With this beautiful energy wishes may be fulfilled. The Moon gets along well with Mercury today. Enlightening conversations provide clarity within the family.

Thursday, December 18
Today Mercury enters the sign of Capricorn. Over the next three weeks thoughts are seriously, practical, efficient and reserved. At this time find we seek in the truth in ourselves. We are quieter and look for a meaningful way of connecting. The Moon will enter the intense waters of Scorpio. There is a more serious, mysterious atmosphere. People don’t take something for granted. Today and tomorrow are good days for scientific research in the field of transformation and the mystery of life. The Moon is square on Mars in Aquarius. Negative feelings could spontaneously discharge in power conflict and tensions. Pent up emotions and negative feelings could be channeled in sports or outdoor activities. The positive connection with Pluto gives relaxation where tension prevails. A crisis could be killed in the but or a solution may be found for an existing crisis. A lot could be achieved with this energy if one is willing to come to a good understanding. The connection the Moon forms with Venus and Neptune provides a peaceful attitude and possible mutual understanding.

Friday, December 19
Today, the Moon is close to Saturn in Scorpio. Family problems may affect the work and public life. It is best not to expect too much and focus yourself on what really matters. The Moon is also at odds with Jupiter in Leo so overconfident and inflated behavior could lead to careless situations, disappointment and frustration. Tomorrow is another day.

Saturday, December 20
Today, the Moon entered jolly Sagittarius. A very different energy! The atmosphere is focused to the future and cooperation. A harmonious week end of spirituality, study, lectures and mind expansion, conclusion of contracts, enjoy, sports, travel and other cultures, sports and parties. The Moon has a ball with Neptune in Pisces. This energy intertwines this Saturday with soft romantic sensitivity. Also Mercury reaches out to Neptune. Heart and head are connected. Feel with your head and think with your heart! Dreams are lucid and predictive.

Sunday, December 21
Today the astronomical Winter begins. It is Midwinter, the magic moment of Yule or the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere, the first day of Winter. The shortest day and the longest night of the year. Today is the Summer solstice in the southern hemisphere and the first day of summer. From this magical tipping point the Light will return to Earth. This special moment is the day of hope for a new beginning.
Today is Uranus awakened at 12º Aries from his long retrograde period. Uranus went retrograde on 22 July 2014 at 16º Aries. The shadow period, that is the period until Uranus will be back in the same spot where it went retrograde, lasts up to 8 April 2015. Doors will be opened to the future. Plans and ideas that you created last summer finally unfold.
Venus in Capricorn is square to Uranus in Aries. In a committed relationship, both in private and business freedom will be in the foreground. There may be rebellious behavior whereby financial stability and self-esteem are at stake. Don’t rush into an adventure. Push your attention rather to the creative and artistic aspect. Venus has joined Pluto in Capricorn. In intimate relationships and in business relationships are being challenged, checked or put to the test. Venus wants to be free and does not tolerate coercion. In addition to problems in the relationship there could also be problems financially. Fortunately, Uranus is assisted by Mars contributing a sparkling vibe to this intense day. Innovative and original solutions will be found for conflicts.

Monday, December 22
Today it is New Moon in Capricorn. Both the Sun and the Moon are next to each other in earthy Capricorn.
With this earthly energy, in the next month the energy is inward-looking, focused and willing to work harder in order to pursue personal ambitions.
Carefully detailed plans have great chance of success. Whatever was a dream, could now become a reality. The New Moon and Mercury in Capricorn bring clear and insightful conversations that result in a different view on things. The New Moon is also sextile with Neptune makes this day delicate and sensitive.
On 22 and 23 December, we are treated to the annual Ursid meteor shower coming from the Comet Tuttle, which was discovered in 1790.

Tuesday, December 23
After a long journey Saturn is preparing to leave the intense waters of Scorpio. The Moon has joined Pluto in Capricorn. These transits may cause quite a bit of unrest and turmoil, leading to conflict of power within the family and career. Be on your guard today and keep yourself aloof from power games. If these planetary forces would be positive deployed, much could be achieved today. The Moon in Capricorn squares the Moon Node bringing awareness that things cannot go on the way they do. The phase of the Moon with Venus ensures that a conflict won’t escalate. The hatchet will be buried in a timely manner.

Wednesday, December 24
Today wise old Saturn has entered Sagittarius, the Fiery realm of where this planet will be staying up to December 20. 2017. Over the next two years, integrity, freedom and responsibility predominate. There will be clarity where things were unclear. In the law, justice, education, religion, philosophical and senior studies. Foreign affairs are reviewed to be reformed or modified. There comes a deeper awareness about the concept of unity. Unity can unite cultures and religions together. Unity instead of Division. Also our personal limits and valuation, honesty and integrity come under scrutiny. Also the evolution of man is discussed. The role of archaeology should not be underestimated. Where do we come form, where or what is our source? What do we really know yet? The Moon in Aquarius strengthens our social involvement and makes us extra curious about the origin of life and future developments.

Thursday, December 25
On Christmas day is Mercury in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries. Don't jump to a conclusion, be careful of what you say, how you say it and don’t talk out of turn. There's a nervous atmosphere. Mistakes can be made easily. Focus on the magic of the social get-together and on vital issues. Mercury is next to Pluto in Capricorn. Confrontational conversations could lead to conflicts and power games. Luckily, Mars in Aquarius trine the Moon Node in Libra. Conflicts are smothered or settled in the bud. Today there are important lessons to be learned.

Friday, December 26
On Boxing Day, there is a more relaxed atmosphere, even though the Moon in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius. Yesterday's events are still tangible. The Moon embraced Neptune on its path through Pisces, so the anger soon disappears. Instead of selfishness today it is all about togetherness. The soft Moon in Pisces is sextile with Sun in Capricorn. A harmonious day for leisure, art and culture. A dreamy and magical day to be in the surroundings of water or going to the beach. With all one’s heart and soul connecting with the Higher Power.

Saturday, December 27
Today the Sun sextile Neptune in Pisces. With this dreamy energy we find the peace in ourselves. Time and space for yourself with an inspirational book on the couch, a beautiful film, meditate or create a beautiful painting. Today you do not want any hassles on your mind and especially no negative influences. Mercury in Capricorn squares the Moon Node. You are easily distracted so this is not a good day for the office or planning. Errors, misunderstandings in communication could occur easily.

Sunday, December 28
Today, the Moon in Aries squares the Sun in Capricorn. This makes for a tense atmosphere. The male principle, the Sun, is square on the female, the Moon, causing tensions in relationships. Don’t put oil on the fire. Try to make up your mind and restore the peace.

Monday, December 29
The Moon in Aries is next to Uranus in Aries. Unforeseen circumstances and rebellious behavior may lead to unrest and stress. Pent up anger may suddenly come to eruption. People show changeable behavior, so don't expect too much of this day. The Moon is also square on Pluto in Capricorn. Unconscious frustrations may lead to problems and power struggles in the private life and career. Self control is the key word today.

Tuesday, December 30
Today the Moon enters earthly Taurus. A peaceful, friendly and stable atmosphere. Everyone is going their own way. However, it is not recommended to start a fight, because with this energy it could lead to a longterm conflict. The Moon is a positive connection with Saturn, creating a peaceful and responsible atmosphere within the family and in the family. Peace and order instead of unrest and disorder.

Wednesday, December 31
On the last day of 2014 is the Moon in Taurus is in a harmonious earth connection with the Sun in Capricorn. On the threshold of the New Year conflicts can be resolved in a timely manner.
Let’s enjoy and embrace the Light of the New Year!

Have a sparkling month of December 2014!