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Monthly Astrological Forecast August 2021

August 2021 will be dominated by free expression and individuality, but also volatility and unrest, a month of adapting and responding quickly.

On August 1, we celebrate the feast of Lammas!

The time of harvesting, the period when Mother Earth lets us share in her infinite abundance and fulfillment. 

Even though it is high summer, already we see the early start of Autumn…

August 2021 kicks off with a conjunction of the Sun and Mercury at 8º in colorful Leo. 

Mercury is about conscious thinking and the Sun in Leo wants to assert itself, giving creative ideas the opportunity to develop. Our thoughts, words and texts will be grand and theatrical, more expressive and confident. Mercury will remain close to the Sun for the first week of August 2021, so the beginning of August 2021 will be colored by a fiery Leo mental energy with radical views and persuasiveness.

August 2021 is the month to be better and do better. With a bold red Warrior Mars in perfectionistic Virgo, it’s going to be a month of steady steps in the right direction.

In a world of uncertainties, perfection seems almost unattainable. Mars in Virgo does not give up.

In the third week of August 2021, Mercury and Mars will be traveling together in Virgo and during this productive period, mountains can be moved with deliberate action.

Red planet Mars will travel in Virgo up to September 14, 2021 and with this energy we can see significant progress.

Again this month, we have to take into account Saturn Square Uranus.

Several times this year, this planetary filed of tension has been a collective wake-up call. Freedom and regulation are in conflict. In fact, the world is in a global crisis in which the personal and collective energy field is being turned upside down. 

In social Aquarius, Limiter Saturn (the established order, the elite) tries to control humanity and divide society. However, Uranus in Taurus demands freedom at any cost.

Losing individual freedom is disastrous, because freedom is a fundamental right.

More and more people want control over their own lives and take responsibility for their own lives. The collective has more and more doubts and is increasingly resisting all imposed rules and oppression.

During the first ten days of August 2021, we are dealing with a fixed T-square in the unyielding element of Earth between Uranus in Taurus, Mars and Venus in Leo and retrograde Saturn in Aquarius. The Sun and Mercury in Leo add extra volatility to this T-Square. 

The indomitable human spirit resists the forced adjustment required of us, especially when financial stability and the need for security are at stake.

The New Moon on August 8, 2021 in the fiery Leo is particularly powerful and feels like a new beginning, themed on unconditional love for both the individual and others.

This New Moon in Leo is opposite Saturn in Aquarius and square Uranus in Taurus.

Through this tense T-Square, people want to compete and outshine each other. There may be criticism, fear and envy.

The Moon in Leo is about using your emotional awareness as a tool to lead others onto a path of self-love and radiance. Are we going our own way or are we waiting to be led? 

Are we aware of ourselves in the reality we create for ourselves?

We need this Leo courage to convince others and come out!

What is being started now sees completion with the Full Moon in Leo on February 16, 2022.

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The Fixed T-square shows resistance against obligations and wants to hold on to what gives us security. Holding on to security seems like the best thing we can do in this time of constant restlessness.

We want change, but we prefer not to accept everything that comes with that change. 

Stable continuity of life is no guarantee. Everybody sooner or later will have to deal with an irrevocable event or inevitable crisis that would mean an irrevocable change to what we thought it was everlasting.

Since July 29, 2021, retrograde Jupiter has returned to Aquarius.

The gas giant Jupiter resided in Pisces from mid-May to late July 2021. The water sign of Pisces is associated with Neptune and symbolizes rivers, oceans, surrender, fantasy and illusion, as well as hospitals and the spread of disease of infections. Jupiter on the last degrees of Pisces has also led to heavy rains, massive flooding and the Delta variant, the most contagious version of the corona virus worldwide.

Jupiter has been in Aquarius before, from December 20, 2020 until May 13, 2021. Similar themes from that period are now returning. In many ways this period will feel like we are taking two steps forward and one step back. 

Until December 29, 2021, Retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius (society) together with retrograde Saturn in Aquarius, could lead to stricter measures, such as the obligatory return of face masks. 

Globally, we will focus primarily on the “future” and what lies ahead. While there will certainly be an idealistic energy, Saturn’s firm hand will also dominate.

From August 12, 2021 to August 30, 2021, our cosmic reporter Mercury races through pragmatic Virgo. Thinking becomes analytic and critical. A period colored with rationality, skepticism, realism, thoroughness and critical thinking. The second half of August 2021 is therefore suitable for participating in research projects and putting the acquired knowledge into practice. 

With this energy, we are to-the-point, precise and efficient in everything we say and do.

With this change from fiery Leo to Virgo, activities can be difficult and that can be accompanied by psychological tension.

Venus will travel through the terrestrial sign of Virgo until August 16, 2021. During this time we long for reliable, responsible and stable relationships.

We can be more focused on giving focused care and attention to those we love.

Venus travels through her own sign of Libra from August 17, 2021 to September 10, 2021 and this sensual influence will color the second half of August 2021 with a strong desire for reconciliation, peace and harmony in all forms of relationships.

From August 20, 2021 to January 17, 2022, Uranus goes retrograde and descends from 14º47 to 10º49 in Taurus.

Uranus retrograde is an annual cycle of 155 days in which Uranus drops four degrees.

Since 2018, Uranus has been dominating the terrestrial realm of Taurus and shifting our global perspective regarding economics, currency and environmental awareness.

Uranus is the wild card among planets, so be aware of amazing shifts and unexpected effects, so turmoil in the outer and inner world, around us and within ourselves. Uranus retrograde in Taurus gives the inner strength to finally make the desired changes possible as soon as Uranus goes direct, in this case from January 17, 2022.

Read more about the influence of retrograde Uranus on the zodiac sign under NEWS on this website.

On August 22, 2021, there will be the second Full Moon in a row in Aquarius.

A double Full Moon, because the first Full Moon in Aquarius in 2021 was on July 24, 2021. 

With a double Full Moon, we really become aware of situations during the first Full Moon. The first Full Moon was about change processes, opportunities for self-improvement, positive interaction with friends and colleagues and authentic relationships.

The second Full Moon in Aquarius of August 22, 2021 expands the collective consciousness to learn to live within a current world of limitations. Aquarius will make us aware of what lies ahead and come up with creative solutions. Less ego, more us.

We are all together.

Read more about this Full Moon and its effects for all signs under NEWS on this website.

On August 23, 2021, the Sun will enter the earthly realm of Virgo.

The Sun in Virgo signifies the early transition from Summer to Autumn for the Northern Hemisphere.

The coming weeks will be about organization, simplicity, realism, flexible thinking, insight, discernment, details, clearing, perception, sorting, figuring, practicality and feasibility, efficiency, perfectionism, productivity in the work environment and employment and health care. 

Despite the commitment to the proposed goals, processes can be slowed down due to Uranus retrograde in Taurus.

On August 31, 2021, our cosmic messenger Mercury rushes into the air sign of Libra.

Mercury in Libra until November 5, 2021 is a period that will be colored by patience, diplomacy, honest dialogue, creativity, curiosity and reflection, but also indecision and temptation. Negotiations are easier and fairer. Relationship topics will be our top priority because we want to make sure we’re on the same page as our loved ones, friends, co-workers and business associates.

Mercury is going retrograde in Libra from September 27, 2021 to October 17, 2021, so it’s worth keeping a close eye on the events unfolding during this retrograde!

Astrologically, the 20s are the beginning of a major global shift. Everything started in January 2020 with the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, the fundamental collapse of systems and the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The worldview has completely changed since then.

The years 2024, 2025 and 2026 mark the beginning of the next global chapter.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will all change signs during that period which is a rare fact for three slow-moving planets.

It looks like we will still have to deal with COVID-19-related health measures until early 2024.

The global pandemic has drastically changed our lives. Astrologically, the turnaround will come in the second quarter of 2023 and 2024 will mark the start of the ‘post-COVID era’.

People talk about the ‘Great reset’, but I prefer the ‘Great awakening’, because the collective karmic lesson focuses on solidarity, how we build communities and help others who cannot do it for themselves. We evolve on our journey.

Do not let fear and negativity prevail and open your heart to love, gratitude, hope and trust.

Have a safe month of August 2021! 

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