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Brief History of Astrological Counseling

Life has changed dramatically for the average man in the last 500 years.
The average lifespan was in 1600 45 years! If a person reached the age of 50 or 60 years, it was considered very old. Life was not easy in those days, it was always a challenge anyway to survive the winter.
There was always fear that the harvest would fail and that there was enough food to feed every mouth. Many wars were fought, famine was common and many plagues spread death and destruction in human and animal life.
It was a daily challenge to survive. Surviving was a part of life.

Astrology reflects these facts of life. The practice of astrology was considered by many as a reliable form of information that was used to predict specific things, such as how the winter would be and if there would be war or famine, etc.
Ordinary citizens, but also kings and queens went to an astrologer for predictions and how to act accordingly. Astrology helped people to prepare themselves for what they thought would come.
This image of how astrology applied in a concrete way, still exists today. The ancient forecast is called 'real' astrology.
There is even a revival of medieval and ancient astrology, sometimes at the expense of a new, modern way. I think too simplistic, because the psychological part is not included.

The more psychologically oriented astrology began in 1850, but was really still in its infancy. The idea of the "Unconscious" is from recent times. 100 years ago it was born with the theories of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.
So psychology has a young history, which from the beginning has to fight to establish itself as an independent science regardless of any form of religion or spirituality.
This is why many in psychology today still reject transpersonal psychology of Carl Jung and other psychologists who explore the depths of the soul. Let alone the combination of astrology and psychology!
There was, until recently, no interest whether the large value of astrology could mean or add something to psychology and its therapies.
Fortunately, also the times are changing !
Astrological counseling is practiced in the last 30 years, but is only now being brought into the open. The road is paved to the personal and public awareness to gain credibility.
The psychological horoscope analysis gives you an opportunity on the basis of your own cosmic horoscope pattern to learn about yourself, your skills and personal development .