Is your company heading in the right direction ?
What have these turbulent economic times brought you?

Changes in the economy mean problems for some and prosperity for others….

Companies are always looking for ways to operate to achieve more efficiently and increase profits.
Business Astrology gives you insight and answers all your questions !

How does business astrology work for you?
Everything in life is energy ! Your business is energy and so is a horoscope.
Every moment is energy, a birth or special event, …or a company! So why not a horoscope especially drawn for your business?
A business horoscope is based on the time you started your business. This may be the date of opening, creation date , or both.

The astrological company chart shows you the power of your business, but also the strengths and weaknesses of the company. By using the astrological cycles, the perpetual orbit of the planets around us, I can predict what you can expect in the short term and also the future opportunities and developments, the favorable or less favorable moment for starting a business or expansion, investment, merger or reorganization.
A specially designed astrological business analysis gives you an edge over the competition, because you can adapt to and prepare for these challenging and turbulent times. You know what you to expect.
For the smaller business and sole proprietorship the birth chart of the director gives an additional picture of the chances of success!
For medium-sized and larger companies I will also take into account the birth chart of the directors, major company shareholders and staff who will be involved in decisions.
In addition, by consulting the natal chart of your staff or job applicant ( s) it can be established he or she is a real contribution or do not match with the company at all.

Timing is everything!
The most powerful leaders use astrologers.
Presidents, politicians, executives, billionaires, entrepreneurs, therapists, doctors, financial planners, managers, executives, sales representatives, artists, writers, lawyers, musicians, and numerous other professional backgrounds, listed companies, businesses, government and non-profit organizations use the astrological timing.
After all, knowledge is the ultimate power!

Maximize your profits by answers to questions like:

  • What is the chance to work more efficiently and how maximize this year’s profits?
  • What is the best timing to start planning a meeting?
  • When is the best time to expand business or making investments or reorganize new customers?
  • When will an advertising be the most effective?
  • When can I expect an economic downturn or rise?
  • What are the obstacles that impede growth and how can I overcome them?
  • What is the best time to launch new products or services?
  • What is the best time for that important business decision or execution?

Employees, partners, customers
When it comes to dealing with employees and associates, their birth chart reveals what their resume doesn’t tell you.

  • How to find the best employees in order to increase sales?
  • How successful are the possible collaborations ?
  • How can I anticipate problems with employees ?
  • Your relationships: friends, family, business partners and open enemies . To what kind of people you feel attracted and how you work with them ?

Your personal horoscope analysis gives an idea of the possibilities in your life. It helps you understand how to live your life, your way of doing things and the way you respond.
It provides insight and knowledge about the influence of the planetary cycles to your business and personal life in order to make a proper planning for the future

  • Your primary motivations, why you do what you do and how it affects your business decisions.
  • Your natural talents and abilities. How objective are you? Objectivity means recognizing your talents, as well as recognizing what you need to improve, how to recognize talents in others?
  • Your business and money flows. Your natural ability to generate money and how you deal with money.
  • Your ability to solve problems. 
  • When and how to address important issues in your business and personal life. 
  • How do you win the confidence of your customers?

Astrology brings new insights and new opportunities.
Planetary cycles and corners show the best moments to set up a business strategy, to launch a new business or project. It predicts difficult and better periods or when to employ new people.
Astrology maps your business strategy and put your business on track!

In order to make a proper analysis of your horoscope now I need the following information:
The creation place, date or date of registration at the Chamber of Commerce, preferably the time the legal signatures are placed.
The date of birth, place of birth and exact time of birth of the manager, owner or employee(s).

The Civil Registry of your hometown will send you a copy of your birth certificate at your request.

Making an astrological business analysis is customized!
An intake interview is needed before an offer is made.


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