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Sunday, March 18, 2018

From the sensitive waters of Pisces, the New Moon has entered the arena of Aries.
This Moon energy makes us active and is determined to get things done or to start something new. Mars has left Sagittarius and enters the earthly Capricorn today. Until May 16, 2018, Mars stimulates willpower and perseverance in Capricorn. Mars wants to move forward, for better of for worse. Mars in Capricorn gives courage and self-reliance. Mars in Capricorn says: Yes I can!
On the threshold of Capricorn, Mars has to get used to this new earthly energy, so there can be self-overestimation. The Moon in Aries puts Mars and Saturn in Capricorn with a square to the test. This negative energy makes irritated, emotional and hurried.

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