For the interpretation of your unique and complete natal chart I need your date of birth, place of birth and exact time of birth.

Rates psychological horoscope analysis from January 1 2021

All prices are all exclusive 21% VAT

prices are determined in consultation

Package A:

Natal chart with all aspects.
Chart and interpretation of the planets in the houses.
The aspects and aspect patterns, planetary patterns, elements and crosses.

€ 195,-

Package B:

As package A, but extended with a brief spiritual horoscope analysis.
The Lunar Nodes, your karmic mission in this life.
Black Moon and Pluto.
Saturn, Part of Fortune and Chiron.
The secondary progressions of the Sun and the Moon

€ 295,-

Package C:

As package A + B, extended with the Solar Return (year horoscope) and all current transits.

Interpretation forecast for the coming years.
The earthy approach!

€ 335,-

Package D:
The spiritual horoscope analysis
In addition to package A + B the extended spiritual natal chart describes your spiritual essence.
The detailed description of the essence of the Sun and the Moon, life mission, moon phase, retrograde planets, lunar nodes, Lilith, Pluto, Saturn, Part of Fortune, Chiron and asteroids.
The spiritual transits and prognosis.
The spiritual approach!

€ 375,-

Your horoscope is offered after full payment in PDF file or delivered in book form.

Book hardback € 35,00
Excluding 21% VAT and shipping costs

Other rates:
Children / baby horoscope: € 100,-
Relationship Analysis € 245,-
Year / solar chart € 295,-
Career / study € 175,-
Business report on request

For a directed question:
e-mail consultation € 95, –

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